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City of Harlan, Iowa
City Hall

711 Durant Street
PO Box 650

Harlan, Iowa  51537
Phone: (712)755-5137
Fax: (712)755-5138

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Building Permits


  1. New Construction of houses, garages, sheds, commercial buildings (including modular, mobile homes, or moving a home or commercial building to a lot.)

  2. New accessory structures (Sheds, detached garages, swim pools, etc., including moving a shed or garage on to a lot)

  3. Any structural addition to an existing house or building

  4. Any alteration to structure involving load-bearing walls, new window and/or door openings or expansions

  5. Changing Roof Line (Ex.: Pitched to hip roof )

  6. Paved or blacktopped driveways, driveway additions, and parking pads

  7. New sidewalks and sidewalk additions (Except sidewalks adjacent to or in the City right-of-way)

  8. Electrical:

    1. New wiring

    2. Re-wiring

    3. New service entrance

    4. Changing electrical panel sizes or fuse box to panel

    5. Addition of new lighting, outlets, etc.

  9. Plumbing:

    1. New plumbing

    2. Alterations to plumbing system

    3. Alterations to drainage system

  10. Mechanical:

    1. New Heating, Air Conditioning or Ventilation

    2. Conversions from one type HVAC to another (ex.: Gas to electric)


  1. Siding, roofing, painting, carpeting, dry wall, insulation

  2. Repairs and replacement of existing doors, windows, driveways, sidewalks, fences

  3. Plumbing:  Replacement or repair of worn valves, faucets, broken pipes and drains, lavatories, tubs and toilets

  4. Electrical: Replacement of switches, receptacles, light fixtures, fans, etc.

  5. Repairs and/or replacements of furnaces, water heaters, and central air conditioning, (like to like).  EXCEPTIONS: When replacing gas to electric, or vice versa.


Click on Logo to visit www.Call811.comEffective May 1, 2007, Iowa and the rest of the nation are a part of the new, national 811 call-before-you-dig underground locating system.

811 is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-designated national number for homeowners and professional excavators to call before digging. A national awareness campaign for the new system has been implemented by the Common Ground Alliance (CGA), a coalition of businesses, services and agencies, including: excavators; locators; road builders; electric, telecommunication, oil and gas utilities; railroads; one call centers; public works departments; equipment manufacturers and suppliers; state regulators; insurance & engineering/design officials; and emergency services.

811 will not replace the state and local offices that have been in place calls to 811 will still be directed to local One Call centers but represents a national effort to simplify the process of calling to locate underground infrastructure. Currently, there are 62 separate and distinct one-call centers in the United States which equates to 62 different 800 phone numbers. In Iowa, Iowa One Call will retain its toll-free number (800/292-8989) and this number can still be used for locating purposes, as before. Iowa One Call will still include the original number in materials promoting 811.


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